COT Pressure Monitoring
analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale

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COT Pressure Monitoring

Our Crude Oil Tank Pressure Monitoring Systems are developed in compliance with current SOLAS regulations. All components are approved for use in the marine sector; the resulting system is approved by the relevant Bureau following a design appraisal process.

Pressure/vacuum alarms are managed by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Pressure values are measured by pressure transmitters with a 4/20mA standard output. The system is operated via a graphic operator panel. A simple and intuitive OS is provided, developed by our Technical Department, which allows the operator to immediately spot both pressure alarms and fault indications.

Through the operator panel, it is possible to set the alarm levels for each tank. It is also possible to insert a function that automatically sets the PV valves high alarm setpoints at 110%, in compliance with OCIMF requirements.

A standard system features:
- Pressure transmitters
- A zener barrier panel to be installed remotely
- The main panel, including an operator terminal and a local alarm sounder

- Remote/external sounder/beacon
- Combined panel, including zener barriers and electrical sub-sytems; operator terminal installed remotely
- Event printer