analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale

analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale News


June 2023 - Automatic tube sampling system.

An effective solution to measure Organic Vapours is to collect samples using Activated Charcoal Type tubes.
Sampling is performed at low flow rate to get a significant amount of gas for analysis.The streams valves and the pump are selected and activated by the plant’s DCS.
The system was recently installed  at a chemical plant in North-West Italy, to monitor potentially dangerous emissions.
The sampling lines, pipings, valves etc., are all PVDF given the corrosive nature of some components of the sampled stream (Chlorinated aromatic compounds, Aromatic Hydrocarbon, HCL, Chlorine).
Activated Charcoal Type tubes are being used to collect the sample and enable later determination of its composition.



October - November 2022 - Installation of gas monitoring system on M/T LAURA BASSI

During the refitting of the only icebreaker ship flying the Italian flag, carried out in the navigable canal of Trieste, A.N.C.B. installed the explosive gas vapor monitoring system.
The ship will leave for the XXXVIII Antarctic Campaign of the National Research Program in Antarctica – Pnra.
Until March 2023, the fourth mission of the "Laura Bassi" is scheduled as part of the "Epica Behind" project dedicated to water and past climatic conditions.
The Dräger Regard system mounted on board monitors several measuring points and will operate 24 hours a day to monitor for liquid fuel vapours.




July, 2022 - Draeger presents the new X-am 2800

The X-am 2800 multi-gas detector measures up to four gases.







With the Dräger Gas Detection Connect software, it offers live data transmission and powerful fleet management. 

June, 2018 - ANCB delivers its first system with the new Multiexact 4100

The new SERVOPRO Multiexact 4100 is a high- performance multi-gas analyzer designed to provide up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements including: O2 (trace, control, and purity), CO2, CO (% and trace), N2O, CH4 (trace), Ar in O2, N2 in Ar, O2 or air, and He in Ar, O2 or N2. 

Designed to address the needs of industrial and medical gas manufacturers, the MultiExact 4100 can be fitted with a wide range of sensing technologies – Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Gas Filter Correlation Infrared (GFx), single-beam Infrared (SBSW), Aluminum Oxide, and Thermal Conductivity (TCD).

ANCB integrated the  Multiexact 4100 as a component of its multipoint O2 e CO2 analysis system custom-built for Nidec ASI SpA


The system will be used for pressurization tests during the manufacturing of electrical motors. It  will sample and measure O2 e CO2 (over two ranges) concentration from 24 sampling points, and it is calibrated using special mixtures according to CESI standards.



1982-2017 - ANCB celebrates 35 years of activity!

Our Company was created in 1982.
A small business in the field of marine automation, which grew and broadened its scope and is now active worldwide.

Over the years ANCB has expanded its infrastructure as well as its field of activity, acquiring certifications and implementing procedures to ensure the metrology and conformity in all its internal processes and its relation to Customers.



In 2017 ANCB launched its new website to update its image and provide its Customers with "Cloud" services for the management of their documents and certificates.