Our experience at your service
analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale

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Our experience at your service

ANCB is leader in the field of automation and safety since 1982.
Over the past decades, our activity has expanded to include metrology, with the opening of a calibration laboratory, certified ISO ISO9001:2015

For over 30 years we have been servicing shipping and manufacturing companies at home and abroad (Oil & Gas, manufacture of specialty and medical gases, chemical and farmaceutical industry, among others), specializing in gas emissions analytics.

Our experience is made available to customers worldwide, whether in gas detection / analyticsintegrated safety management aboard ships or at manufacturing plants. We provide, repair and calibrate instruments; design and build custom Gas Detection systems, integrated Fire & Gas detection systems, measurement cabinets and CEMS for industrial processes and emissions monitoring.

The ANCB staff comprises:

Management, purchasing, sales: Raffaello Bisso 

Accountancy, sales, shipments: Barbara Riva

Engineering, service, metrology: Soni Pulake

Engineering, service, lab, IT: Raffaello Bisso 


Our Company’s aim is  to provide a complete service spectrum: we are conscious that merely providing our Customers with equipment is not enough to ensure top quality standards. This is why our Technical Department always welcomes customer inquiries and special requests. We won’t just repair or calibrate your instruments and equipment - we will provide first-class on site service, ensuring the conformity and reliability of your equipment in compliance with existing laws and Quality Standards.

In addition, we provide consulting and training to our customers’ staff, to ensure the equipment we provided is exploited in its full potential, and to guarantee safety, performance and conformity 24/7.

ANCB is the Italian representative of Draeger (for the marine industry) for sales and integration of Gas Detection and Gas Analytics systems.

Our company’s headquarters, workshops, engineering and calibration laboratories are located in the vibrant Genova Bolzaneto Industrial district.