analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale

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Process gas analysis, Continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS), checking and quality control are some of the challenges in manufacture. Increasingly strict regulations and quality requirements, as well as the optimization of processes, mean that the choice of equipment and its management are both critical to success.

ANCB can make a difference. In partnership with leading manufacturers such as Servomex, we offer complete solutions, from planning to delivery, and in addition, commissioning, start-up and training worldwide. We also guarantee continuing service with scheduled maintenance, preventing costly shutdowns, and an immediate response to requests for repairs and upgrades.

From planning to delivery, supervision of assemblage and installation, technical support upon start-up, maintenance, retrofitting, calibration, on-field training.


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Process Analyzers and CEMS for furnaces, ovens, chemical, oil&gas, petrochemical industry.

  CEMS Marine for marine and offshore engines

  Gas Sampling Systems for ballast tanks, empty spaces, etc.


  Food industry

  Inert gas for oil tankers and petrochemical plants 

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