analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale

analisi dei gas e delle emissioni nel settore navale QUALITY POLICY DECLARATION


A.N.C.B.srl is basically oriented to a whole Customer satisfaction by means of a management system who have the power  to push anyone inside the Company to a continuous improvement of the product/service.
The Management has established to define, apply and maintain a Quality System accordingly to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 rules.

During its activity, A.N.C.B.srl is committed to:

supply services and products matching with Customer’s Quality requirements, expectations and needs;
continuously improve those products and services in terms of adequacy, safety and  innovation, and the relevant production and control processes, using the best today’s technologies and instruments;
match with relevant rules and regulations;
adopt easy claims management procedures, that allow fast resolutions;
treat staff training in order to realise products and services oriented to whole Customer satisfaction;
promote all projects and activities designed to increase the degree of knowledge and development of the Civil Technology Company;
provide better environmental conditions in terms of cleanliness, adequacy and infrastructure safety.
ensure diffusion, comprehension and updating of this Quality Policy

The Company, aware that this Quality Policy contains fundamental objectives to ensure its development, undertakes to:

support, to spread and make understandable to all staff corporate Quality Policy, distributing the Quality Manual and the relevant Quality documentation, concerning the specific tasks assigned and promoting appropriate training and communication through meetings and / or bank official;
pursue corporate personnel the Quality Policy and objectives by providing resources and the necessary means;
periodically verify the implementation of the Quality Policy by means of internal audits; 
systematically review the continued suitability of its contents, for the purposes of production requirements and System’s continuous improving