Other Instruments
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Other Instruments

This section lists the main types of instruments we are available to provide, calibrate and repair.
All instruments are provided with the relevant European or international certifications, and are accompanied by our ISO certificate. Upon request, we also provide an LAT certification.
Also upon request, we provide ATEX instrumentation for dangerous zones, equipment with a MED certification, or other certifications when necessary.
Feel free to contact us for more information concerning the full range of instrumentation we provide.

Temperature measurement devices:

Thermocouple probes

Thermoresistance probes

Calibration ovens

Analogue thermometers

UTI probes


Pressure measurement devices:

Pressure transducers


Hand pumps for field pressure testing


 Electrical test instruments



High Voltage detectors

Clamp ammeters

Grid analysers and Power Quality analyzers


 Other instruments:

Thickness gauges


Refrigerant leak detectors


Modified atmosphere testers for the food industry